Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Foxconn presented three models of new electric cars, Model C looks like Polish "Izera"

 On the day Apple showed off new models of its products, Foxconn, a Taiwanese hardware maker for Apple, demonstrated three new electric vehicles. A crossover - Model C, a sedan - Model E, and a bus - Model T. 

As reported the Model C has already undergone quality and safety testing, suggesting it has received approval or is ready to apply for one. The car is to offer up to 470 km of range. Some elements of the car - for example, the edges of the headlights and the embossing on the hood - are surprisingly similar to the  SUV version of Polish Electric Car "Izera."

That would not be a surprise since Izera has not revealed yet whose platform they going to use for their car. The only thing that is known is that the platform is brand new, not used by anybody yet. It is possible that both cars will share a platform and an overall design.