Saturday, August 8, 2020

Is this the end of the line for Toyota Prius?

The pioneer of hybrid cars - Toyota Prius - has lived to see its end. At least on the German market where this model can no longer be ordered. Only the PHEV version remains on offer. 

The end for Prius comes at a time when hybrids have began to sell much better on the German market. In June alone, around 20,000 cars with hybrid technology were sold there, which represents around 9% of the market share (excluding plug-in hybrids). However, the Prius did not take advantage of this hybrid trend.

The main reason for the lack of popularity is Toyota's high internal competition. With the 2019 market launch of the Corolla, the RAV4 and C-HR models, and the hybrid version of the Yaris, each was more popular than the Prius.