Thursday, January 20, 2022

Orlen Group plans to build 9 hydrogen hubs in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia

 The Orlen Group, as part of the Hydrogen Eagle project, is planning the construction of 9 new hydrogen hubs, including 5 in Poland, 3 in the Czech Republic, and one in Slovakia. The production of low and zero-emission hydrogen there will be based on renewable energy sources and municipal waste processing technology.

The Hydrogen Eagle project is one of the key projects of the Orlen Group supporting the development of hydrogen technologies. In accordance with the Orlen 2030 strategy and the declaration of achieving emission neutrality in 2050, the Orlen Group "implements projects in the entire value chain of low and zero-emission hydrogen." The goal is to reduce the emissions of the concern's production plants and its subsidiaries using hydrogen as a new fuel.

Thanks to the project, it will be possible to achieve a zero-emission hydrogen generation capacity of approx. 50 thousand tons per year by 2030.