Sunday, October 11, 2020

This product may revolutionize the photovoltaic market

 Saule Technologies, a Polish company that creates flexible photovoltaic cells based on perovskite technology, presented energy-harvesting blinds that can define the future of hi-tech. The company intends to commercialize the solar blinds in cooperation with the company that will be selected in the tender.

The company, has already signed letters of intent for several hundred thousand square yards of light roof and façade structures based on perovskite cells.

The solar blinds presented by Saule Technologies can also cooperate with the weather station installed on the roofs. Thanks to the data updated on a regular basis, they automatically change their position in relation to the position of the sun to provide building users with thermal and visual comfort, regardless of the season. The system allows for integration with almost any Building Management System and fully fits into the trends of smart building or smart house. The slats can be adapted to the preferences of consumers, ranging from the material used, such as aluminum, wood, glass or plastics, through shape and width, to color. In addition, the solution protects the building against overheating or cooling, significantly reducing the operating costs of air conditioning and heating in all types of buildings.

Perovskite cells can generate energy from artificial light and, unlike silicon panels, are efficient even when the sun's rays fall at an angle other than 90 degrees. Thanks to this advantage over silicon cells, as well as the aforementioned very low weight, they can be installed even on vertical elements of the façade.

Wanting to take the next step on the way to the commercialization of solar blinds, we announce a tender for a partner with whom we will soon make this solution appear on the facades of office buildings, shopping centers, warehouses in Polish and other European cities.