Thursday, July 4, 2019

Solar car is already available

Lightyear One
The first long-distance solar electric car is now available for sale. The European company, Lightyear, after two years of work on an electric car powered by solar energy presented the model "One". The vehicle is not powered exclusively by solar energy, because photo voltaic panels are not able to fill such capacious batteries. 

The company claims, however, that the car can travel up to 20,000 km annually, being powered only by solar energy. Car batteries can be charged in a home outlet, and after charging to full you can drive it up to 450 miles. 5 square meters of solar cells are built into the car. They were placed under safe glass, integrated with the roof and hood. Theoretically, after an hour of parking or driving in a sun, you get almost 7 additional miles of range. 

So far, 100 customers have decided to buy a car costing 149,000 euros. What's more, the first 500 clients have to pay a sizable deposit, 119,000 euros. The production of the car will start in 2021.